Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From the Vault: Art History Comic

German Expressionism project:
From the vault, I dug out a 20th Century Art History project. The professor, being a huge comic fan, allowed me to do my project in comic form. At the time, this may be the longest series of sequential pages I had ever done in a row. Parts I am still proud of conceptually (having the die brucka group being knights with a castle on a bridge) and parts that completely fell apart (I didn't do much explanation to the blue rider group, or tie in the western idea to the subject matter.) Here are the 7 pages:

Click for more info on :Die Brucka, The Blue Rider Group, Ernst Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Emil Nolde, Max Pechsein, Wassily Kandinsky, & Franz Marc

Walt Simonson:
This past weekend at the Comic Geek Speak Supershow, I was able to get a nice chat in with Walt Simonson. We talked about strategy games, inking implements, wars, 60's sci fi, puppets, and idyllic places to live. Walt seems to be one of those people who no matter what subject matter a conversation turns to, he will have something meaningful to contribute. I look forward to chatting with him again in Baltimore.

Katie Cook Mini Paintings:
Are you a fan of Katie Cook? Own a collection of her mini paintings? have as much trouble as I did figuring out how to display/store them? Here is my solution! Because the paper size can vary, I needed a flexible method, not a stock card holder or mat size. I bought a small, blank photo album (the kind with plain black pages) I use photo corners to fix them to the page. The adhesive just needs to be moistened and it sticks to the page. This method allows you to remove the mini paintings for any reason (like needing to scan them). You can find photo corners and blank books like these at craft stores everywhere.

Fan Art:
Krystyl Cullins did this piece for her boyfriend Ryan (who shared it with me). Krystyl has a lot of work on her website, and it is some really nice stuff! Thanks Ryan and Krysyl!!!

Upcoming Appearances:*
C2E2 (Archaia Booth): April 16-18
Graham Crackers Comics Chicago, IL May 1st (FCBD)
Motor City Con: May 14-16
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29

*more 2010 dates may be added


katie cook said...

as previously discussed, i am stealing/modifying your mini-painting book idea ;P

but thanks for making my silly lil' pieces a part of your post!

i love seeing the stuff you did in college. it's so crazy to compare it to where you are today as an artist.

DPetersen said...

btw: I tried to draw all the Die Brucke guys in a style simplar to some of their more famouse works.

Katie: I figured there were other folks with great collections out there wanting to do something more with them than stick 'em in a drawer to protect them.

And yeah...the old stuff is pretty bad.

TwiceBorn said...

Wow, I absolutely love that fan art. Bravo...

Anonymous said...

Hey David. About the Luke skywalker thing, i guess i didn't really write it very clear. But wat i meant was that i hope Lieam dosen't become the main character, because i would really hate for the book to loose focus on all of the other amazing characters. I hope that makes it a bit more clear.

And thank you for always ansvering peoples qustions, i know it must be a bother sometimes.

Stan said...

Yes, Walt is an extremely nice guy. I've known him for years, but never had the chance to just sit and talk with him at length--one of the set backs about seeing people only at conventions. I envy you. I also love his dinosaur signature.


DPetersen said...

Anonymous: Ok, I see. Without spoiling anything. I'll say that I will never lose focus on the other characters. I see Mouse Guard as an ensemble book.

Stan: It was just through luck that on the 2nd day of a smaller con, there was a nice lull where Walt and I had that chance. I look forward to upcoming cons where you and I will get to chat again as well!

Anonymous said...

i have seen you artwork at past conventions, and i was wondering if on your Mouse Guard Website you will be making other works available to purchase? I have seen your Mr Stuffins covers and your Muppet projects but at the time didnt have the money but i would really like to buy one!! Btw will you be doing any book signings??

blackaxe1 said...

I picked up the new Previews magazine and to my surprise they
had a spotlight on you David!! I was wondering if Marquis & Famous Players are good books to pick up?


DPetersen said...

Misc Artwork for sale: I don't put those up on the site. I mainly sell that work at conventions, but if you see something in print (like a Muppet cover) then email me to see if it's still available, price, etc.

Book signings: All the appearances I have scheduled are listed at the bottom of each blog post. If you know someone who wants to host me for a signing, let me know.

Marquis & Famous Players: I like both Guy and Rick's work very much. I say: give'em both a try!

Alessandra said...

David! It's Sandy Torres. From childhood, and Oz. I can't believe I found you. I could cry. Call me or email me!

~Alessandra Torres "Sandy"

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