Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black Axe #2: May 4th
After my lateness in getting the issue finished, and the printer dropping a zero from our quantity request, the issue will be out Wed. May 4th. Archaia posted a nice preview of the issue here. I want to thank you fans for being patient. I know it's been quite a wait and I'm quite aware of how far behind I've fallen. It's because of you guys that I earn my living, and I hate to make you wait.
This will also mean that for the next few weeks I can post photos & commentary on the 3 models I built as visual aids for production on the issue.
Free Comic Book Day UPDATE:
I now have 2 appearances on Free Comic Book Day. From 11am-3pm I'll be at Meltdown Comics in LA. This event will be Archaia's home base for FCBD and I will be joined by Brian Holguin (writer of the Dark Crystal FCBD offering). The Henson Co. will have two life sized Skeksis from the original movie on display for photos! From 4-6pm I'll have moved over to The Pasadena location of Collector's Paradise. You can preview the Mouse Guard/Dark Crystal FCBD offering here.
Transylvania TV
In the past I have mentioned Transylvania TV, a Puppet-Retro-Monster Comedy web show that is NOT FOR KIDS & is spearheaded by a pal of mine Gordon Smuder. I did a new T-Shirt design of the vampire LeShock for their online store. Currently the show is unsponsored, so fans can show support and keep the cameras recording with purchases. I hope to do a few more of these of the other characters as time allows.

Fan Art:
Karine Charlebois (@kanthara on twitter) sent me this fanart based on the Mouse Guard RPG campaign she is playing in. I really like the depth of focus in this piece, all the design work on the cloaks and weapons, and the texture details on the trees and forest floor.

Upcoming Appearances:
FCBD: Meltdown Comics: May 7 (11-3)
FCBD: Collectors Paradise Pasadena: May 7 (4-6)
Motor City Comic Con:May 13-15
Phoenix Comic Con: May 26-29
Cherry Capital Con: June 12-13
San Diego Comic Con: July 20-24
Baltimore Comic Con: Aug. 20-21
New York Comic Con: Oct. 13-16


Casey Crowe said...

Wow, the cover of Black Axe #2 is awesome!

Anonymous said...

The fcbd issue looks great, and seems to have a great effect on Kenzies wepon of choice...To bad Denmark only gets the big publishers fcbd issues. Also will we get an update on the Mouse Guard movie any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I really like the covers for the Black axe series especially the fourth one! It has such nice depth and detail. Cant wait to get the new Black Axe and the FCBD issue at my (not so local) local comic book store! I am hoping to but some of the digital copies of mouse guard on my new ipad so I can bring my comics wherever I go. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Also I just noticed, I went on your website and there seems to be something wrong with the font. It may just be my computer but when I click the characters tab and then click on a character the font looks like its in size 100+ and doesn't fit on the designated spot near the picture. My computer is a mac and isn't old and never usually has problems like that, but it might just be acting weird. I just though I would let you know

Max West said...

Cool! I am definitely looking forward to FCDB this year. Good luck with your appearances.

Anonymous said...

David peterson, are there "friendly" weasels, Who like mice, in mouse guard? . I know its sounds out of place but, Im sure it would make an interesting story in the future. Im just so tired of them being portayed as the "villain" in books.

TwiceBorn said...

Wow, issue 2 of The Black Axe was really worth the wait. Because it was so delayed, is issue 3 still going to be out by May or not?

Norby Ela said...

Just read your FCBD issue. Great story, sir!


DPetersen said...

Casey: Thank you

Anonymous1: Thanks for reading it. Unfortunately the only movie news to report is negative.

DAB: Thanks. I think we worked out the font issue.

Anonymous2: I don't know about "friendly" weasels, but there will be some that are more honorable than others and some that are more horrific than others.

TwiceBorn: Issue 3 will be late

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