Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reference Model: Port Sumac:
New Mouse City, new design aesthetic! I wrote the description for the lower portion of the seaside mouse town as: "Docks, moored ships, and floating dwellings lashed and built off of one another form the heart of the port...". But to visualize the location and keep the design consistent, I built a model.
This time I had less to build though. When doing the Fall 1152 extras, I printed several free online papermodels of medieval cottages and buildings. I had about fifteen or so of them, which I tucked away in a drawer in case I ever needed them again. I dug them out and found a few more freebie models to print and construct. Then I started placing them on craft sticks poking out of a sheet of rigid insulating foam.
scrap bristol formed the docks and walkways, and I just kept cobbling everything together until I found it visually pleasing. This hodgepodge approach of collecting various models, in various scales, and placing them by eye and with no plan in mind, lent itself to perfectly designing the spirit of this mousey location which was supposed to evoke a bit of Mos Eisley from Star Wars, Scabb Island from Monkey Island, and a medieval shanty town.

More photos:

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CraftyAndy said...

holy crap, never thought of using something like that. I gotta keep this in mind.

Max West said...

That town reminds me a lot of Sweet Haven from the 1980 live action Popeye movie.

Anonymous said...

Dp, can you reply to my comment on the may 3rd post? (its about the friendly weasels).

DPetersen said...

Max: Good observation! That set must have been in the back of my mind even though I didn't verablize it.

Peter Pein said...

Love the attention to detail you have David!

Anonymous said...

Dp can you better define "honorable" for me?

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