Monday, March 24, 2008

Children's book illos from the past:
I was browsing my harddrive for pieces to post in this blog entry and I stumbled across two pages for a children's book I had an idea for a few years back. I was working in an antique store (with lots of large ticket and physically large items) when a mother brought in her two sons. One dressed all in red, the other in green. They were running around the store when their mother calmly said something to one of them and then he passed on the message to his brother. I liked the interaction and the idea of 'stop and go' started in my mind. I thought it would be great to do it in a style similar to that of Jack Ezra Keats where the artwork was a blend between collage and painting (this later lead to the style of illustration I used for books for my nieces Kate and Emma)

Mouse Guard RPG
I'm really glad to hear there is so much interest in a Mouse Guard Role Playing Game so far! Luke Crane has been working really hard on making sure it is firmly rooted in not just the current Mouse Guard books, but doesn't undermine any future Mouse Guard stories and books. At the same time, Luke is making sure there is plenty of room for players to take their own paths and adventures that stray far away from my Mouse Guard. Unfortunately, I can't share too much more on the details or more artwork. In the past I posted sketches for the cover. Now the cover is finished and since that will be shown in any solicitation ad, I figured I could share that with you. It was really fun placing characters from Fall and Winter along side characters who have only been mentioned or ideas of characters that I plan on fleshing out some day.

Year of the Mouse:

Don and Joanna Corcoran, who are developing a Mouse Guard Board game, have declared this not the year of the rat, but rather, of the mouse. One of their many game-related sites: The Reality Vault, has a post about it and some of their plans to make the year plenty mousey. Thanks for all your time and support Don & Jo!

Upcoming events:
The next few weeks are going to be exciting, and they only mark the start of what will become convention season.

-Wednesday 3-26: The Villard edition of the Mouse Guard softcover will be out in stores. It's pretty exciting to have an imprint of Random House wanting to publish your comic work.

-Saturday 3-29 @ 1pm: Gallery opening, presentation, and signing at the Flint Institute of the Arts. I'm really excited about this one. My hometown has a wonderful art museum. It's where I took classes as a youngster and then later when the local College had it's art department housed there it was my home-away-from-home. The day looks like it will be a lot of fun

-Monday 4-7 @ 7:30pm: Schullers Books talk and signing. The lovely folks at this independent bookstore asked me to come and talk about comics and sign some of the new Villard edition of Mouse Guard. Come on out and chat if you are in the area.

Fan Art:
This one comes from Bo Harris. He sent a lovely
e-mail and a scan of his color pencil work. Thanks Bo!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, thank you so much for that image of the cover, David! It looks beautiful, and its living as the background on my laptop now.

Hoping to catch you when you're in Lansing for a signing next month. I'm pumped for the next issue of Winter.

Gianfranco Goria said...

Hi! I talked about you today in my daily news agency afNews .
Gianfranco Goria, director of afNews

Anonymous said...

I'm in a playtest group for the RPG (running the game, actually, since I was the only one who was a Mouse Guard fan prior to the playtest) and it's going along really well! I'm very excited!

Unknown said...

The cover looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing it, I think I'll takt Ian's lead and stick it up on my desk top.The RPG looks great in general. And I didn't know Random House was putting out Mouse Guard! That's incredible.

Joanna said...

The cover is beautiful! It will be hard to wait for the book - it's sure to be fantastic to look as as well as to play.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just discovered Mouse Guard at a local bookshop here in Denver over the weekend... love the art and story, can't believe this flew under my radar for so long.

Is there any thought on having the RPG cover available as a print? It's absolutely beautiful.

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