Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mouse Guard Winter #4
The wait is over! I really appreciate all the patience the fans have shown and I hope you all enjoy Issue #4. As I mentioned earlier, Jesse Glenn, who composed the music for the Ballad of the Ivory Lass, also recorded a version where he performed the lyrics as well.

So here for download is the MP3: Ballad of the Ivory Lass

Happy Thanksgiving to all! (I know I'm a day early) I am thankful for having such loyal and awesome fans who really appreciate what I'm doing in comics. It means a great deal to me that I went from being a fan, to having this as my profession, and I couldn't have done it without fans.

I am looking forward to getting back to posting more regularly about my various projects. I also plan on getting back to posting Fan Art, going into my artistic vault, and perhaps a few more tutorials.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mouse Guard Issue #4
I have word both from Diamond and ASP that the long delayed Issue 4 of Mouse Guard will be in stores Nov 26th! This is my favorite issue to-date, has my favorite cover, and features Mouse Guard music!

Speaking of which, as I mentioned on my blog before, Jesse Glenn (the real life Kenzie) not only wrote the music for me to scribe a ballad, but once I was done, he recorded a version of it with him singing three-part-harmony! I will make the MP3 available here next Wed. once the issue is in stores.

So re-read Issues 1-3 of Winter (you may need the refresher, I certainly did!) and check back here Wed. for that special download.

Another note on ASP and Mouse Guard. The latest release date for the RPG is Dec. 24th, and the Limited Ed. Slipcase B&W hardcover is slated for release at the New York Comic Con in Feb.

I can't thank fans enough for not only taking a chance on a odd-shaped book about mice with swords, but also for being so patient and loyal. I have heard from many of you offering support and kind words when the book was in publishing limbo. Trust me when I say that it meant a great deal and helped me through a frustrating and stressful time. Hopefully that is all behind us now, and I can focus on just telling the best story I can and hopefully entertaining you fine folks in the process.

So if you are an old fan, or just joining us: Welcome.
"All Who Come Are Welcome"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Portsmouth or Bust~!

This Sunday (Nov. 16th) is the Portsmouth Comic Show. I will be there as well as Steve Bissette, Christopher Golden, and Craig Rousseau (and more!).

You can find info for the show at the link above!

PS: Thank you for all the comments and E-mails about my health. So far, no other reactions, and no signs of a cause.
I will update on this and all things Mouse Guard as soon as I can.

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