Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Comic Book Day
Thanks to everyone who came out to Free Comic Book Day at Detroit Comics in Ferndale, MI. I hope everyone who made it out enjoyed the free print I offered and that no matter where you were you supported your local shop(s) and the comics industry by spreading the word and attending the festivities. Detroit comics seemed to be getting some good business out of the event. It was cool to see parents bringing their kids to try out some comics. The artform won't survive unless new generations are introduced to it.

Ninja Turtles:
I was very happy to see that the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles was reprinted for Free Comic Book Day. I have a reprint copy somewhere, but have lost track of it (and it doesn't have the original cover art like this reprint does) I was so excited that between sketches for fans, I took the time to draw a Ninja Turtle...which is how I started drawing comic stuff back when I was 11. Here is a colored version of that FCBD sketch.

Michigan-Area Artist's Event: Ink & Stein!
A group of us that met in the past to draw and bounce ideas off each other (Jeremy Bastian, Katie Cook, Nate Pride, etc.) have started a new club/event called Ink & Stein. The group will meet on the last Saturday of every month (May 30th being the 1st meeting) 7pm at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, MI. All artists are welcome to come and draw and chat and drink. We have been asked by the Brewery to get a head count though (and to note it's 21 and older only) so if you plan to attend, email to let us know.

Fan Art:
This photo was sent in by a fan. In Pennsylvania along 220 there is a town called Lock Haven. I didn't know about Lock Haven, PA when I started Mouse Guard, the name was just a good one to mean 'safe place'. Now I'll be really amazed if someone finds a sign for Dorigift, Gilpledge, or Calogero!!


Mayhem said...

I was fortunate that a number of shops in my area were supporting FCBD; and quite a few it seems in the UK overall, maybe second to the US. Have you thought about doing a short story for one of those days in the future David?

Also love the FCBD artwork you did there in the blog, don't suppose that can be available somehow...? ;)

Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

I'm french and I can tell you that Calogero is the name of a famous singer here in france !
I always think of him when I read mouse guard ... But Mouse guard is far better than his songs !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi David.

I'm writting this because I feel that your fans in Toronto Canada don't get to see you as much as your fans in the Untied States!! I think that its unfair to your fans in Canada that can't travel to San Diego and Chicago to at least are you once a year? I'm a huge fan of your art and writting but can't see you in person to sign my books kinda sucks! So please in the future can you at least have one trip to Canada. Thanks from your fans to the north!

DPetersen said...

@Anonymous Canadian Fan:
I usually have a Toronto trip in my schedule. This is the first time in a few years that I don't. However, if you are in the Toronto area, it IS possible to come to the Motor City con this month. It's about a 4hr drive, but as a fan I remember taking that size drive to go to Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Canadian fans have it easy! Try living in the UK and doing the fan thing.

Mayhem said...

T'is true... then again I'll be back in San Diego for Comicon in July, so perhaps I'll be lucky enough to ask David for another commission...

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

I hope that my letter earlier didn't offend you. I was only sad that you were not coming to Canada, and btw your idea of going to Detroit to come see you was a great solution!!! So my girlfriend and i will be attending the Detroit Convention. I have a question will you be doing any projects for Marvel or D.C.??

Thanks for your time

Your Loyal Canadian fan

DPetersen said...

@Anonymous Canadian Fan:

No offence taken. I wish I could go more places, but I only have so much time.

So I'm glad that coming to the Motor City con was a good solution! I'll see you there!

And to answer your question. I don't have any Marvel or DC work ahead. I'd love to play in the Xmen sandbox someday though...

Anonymous said...

Hi David
I was wondering if you will have issue #6 of Winter available at the Detroit convention?

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