Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Joe over at Toughpigs.com a Muppet fan-site was kind enough to do an interview with me about my Muppet Covers for Boom. You can read the interview here. I'm really glad to have the privilege to do these covers and having the fans enjoying them makes me happy. Muppet fans are not the easiest to please, so I'm glad that the response to my work has been positive.

I also got word from Boom that I can now share all 4 Muppet King Arthur covers! I know I had shown two of them before, but thought I'd show them all again and in order (#1's cover was used for solicitation for #2, but I am assured that it will print on issue #1)

Mouse Guard Model:
I did a quick glimpse of this on Twitter a while back, but wanted to give you some better images. This is certainly the biggest and most complex model I have made to-date. It's the interior of the June Alley Inn. It will be featured heavily in the Anthology series Legends of the Guard, so to make my life easier I took some time (a full day and night) to build this from scratch. The materials are bristol board and balsa wood. The stairs would lead up to the rooms, the two doors on the rear lead to the kitchens. There is a staircase behind the bar (under the staircase) that leads to the cellar for drink storage.

Fan Art:
A childhood friend of mine and I reconnected on Facebook. His daughter Madeline LaVere did this drawing for me when she and her dad and her younger brother came over to visit and see where Mouse Guard is drawn. So it was wonderful visiting with an old friend and getting to meet his budding artist of a daughter.

Upcoming Appearances:*
Alaska Library Conference: March 4-7
CGS Supershow: March 27-28
C2E2 (Archaia Booth): April 16-18
Motor City Con: May 14-16
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29
*more 2010 dates may be added


Unknown said...

Wow, those Muppets covers are phenomenal. As to be expected with your work.

Kylogram said...

The Muppet covers are beautiful, I'd nearly forgotten about the Muppets. I really miss Jim Henson's work.

The fanart is adorable, she draws better than I did at that age. Then, I improved over time, I ended up doing some fanart of my own http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/6540/winter1152.jpg

DPetersen said...

Thanks Guys!

Kylogram: I'll post your work in a future 'fan art' section if you don't object

Kylogram said...

I most certainly do not. It would be an honor even.

scott said...

Man, those Muppet covers...absolutely lovely stuff! And can't wait for the 'Legends' series!

Be well!

Maggi said...

Thank you for sharing so much of your process, and the development of various pieces. I enjoy your blog so very much! The Muppet King Arthur covers are just beautiful-- I don't think I have words for it.

DPetersen said...

Maggi: Thank you! I'm happy you are enjoying the blog and the Muppet covers

Anonymous said...

Thats a really cool model!! The door is really cool! How big is it? Cant wait to see it in legends of the guard!! -Dab

P.S. that fan art is really cute:)

DPetersen said...

Dab: The whole model is about 24" x 13".

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