Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Muppet Snow White:
Here is my cover for Muppet Snow White #1. I originally planned it for the cover of issue two, so it didn't make it into previews for solicitation, however, I have been given the go-ahead from Boom to share it. Snow is being played by Spamela Hamderson, while the 'dwarves' are the Electric Mayhem. Special thanks to Katie Cook who lent me some reference material to get this cover done.

Narnia:I recently borrowed the Narnia audio books from Jeremy Bastian and I have been listening to them as I work. A few years ago, when I still had time for commissions, I did this piece of Reepicheep sailing off into Aslan's country. Bill Willingham wrote in the introduction to the Mice Templar collection that The Mice Templar, the Mouse Guard, and Willingham's own Mouse Police, are "sons of Reepicheep". I must admit, Reepicheep was in my mind when I drew the first mice, his bravery out matching his size. *edit* I just realized after getting to this point in the audio book, that I drew this without re-reading the scene and got the setting and a few details wrong.

Fan Art:This week's Fan Art is from Charlotte Cheng. Thanks Charlotte!
If you want your Mouse Guard Fan Art to appear on the blog, just e-mail a jpg to ericebon (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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Charlotte said...

Glad you like my mouse David and thanks for sharing it :)

Anonymous said...

Only six dwarves?

Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief, Spamela??? That sexist caricature from the flop Muppets Tonight? Why isn't Miss Piggy Snow White? Instead of playing a villain, like she did in the also-flop Muppets Wizard of Oz? Looks like the people currently behind the Muppets are as clueless as ever. I wouldn't give a ChuckECheese token for THAT comic.

But I really dig your Reepicheep. Beautiful rendering, on both lion and mouse. :)

Pia said...

Looking at the picture, I first thought it was Miss Piggy as Snow White, but couldn't get it to fit with the nice body.
IMO the head is a bit round for Spamela, but other that that, it's nice to know it's her as Snow and not Piggy :)
Would be cool if they made it into a movie... But then they would really need Piggy vs. Kermit :)

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