Tuesday, September 7, 2010

While I love movies and enjoy several TV shows, they are not something I can enjoy while I work. It's too easy to be distracted visually. So I tend to rely on Old Time Radio (OTR), and various audio books to keep me moving through my work. Seems about once a year I post something about OTR (past posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Mainly I listen via Sirius satellite radio, but I also go to the sites mentioned in the 5th post if I'm in the mood for something specific.

As for Audio Books, I recommend Stephen King's IT read by Stephen Weber and Wind in the Willows read by Terry Jones. But my old fall back series is Harry Potter read by Jim Dale. I have gone through all 7 of them nearly a dozen times, and I still enjoy them very very much. I have been told that the UK versions read by Stephen Fry are better, but I have not heard them. I have enjoyed Fry reading other books, but I worry that Dale's versions are so deeply in my head now, I'd have a hard time with a different reader. In any case, talking about this has given me the chance to share the recently colored version of the Professor Snape commission I did at San Diego. I find that coloring some of these quickly is a nice way to ease into coloring a larger Mouse Guard page (and this one had a very limited palette, so it was all the easier)

And just recently (through a subscription to Audible) I found dramatized versions of the Winnie the Pooh books read by a full cast including Stephen Fry (Pooh) and Judi Dench (Kanga & Narrator). They are delightful. I had forgotten how much I like the style of writing A.A. Milne did with the Pooh stories. It inspired me to do this quick warm up piece where I tried a new coloring/texture technique of overlaying tinted crosshatching (after I decided the inks looked too clean compared with the definitive E. H. Shephered's illustrations.

Fan Art: This week the fan art comes from Derek McLean who sculpted Lieam and Saxon in FIMO. He also shares: "I had made a Kenzie also, but it was defeated by my cat, and shattered on the floor." Sorry to hear how Kenzie met his end, but, Thanks Derek!
If you would like your fan art posted here, email your work to ericebon (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Anonymous said...

Didn't you also use that kind of scruffeld overlay in the erly chapters of Fall 1152? Like on trees and Kenzie's staff?

katie cook said...

love the pooh piece!

the 3D pieces that derek made are adorable. i love saxon's expression.

DPetersen said...

Anonymous: I drew those hatchings on the page and isolated them each for color. With the Pooh piece, I am adding the hatching as a color overlay on top of my finished inks.

Anonymous said...

I blame your Twitter site for making me want a commission of a Guard Mouse grilling a PB&J.

Hungry in SD

Ken O said...

May I recommend the World War Z audio book? The voice cast is very fun. Where else are you going to hear Alan Alda, Mark Hamill, and Henry Rollins in the same CD?

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