Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Windy Ludington:
My Dad was in a blustery Ludington last week where locals say they can't remember having winds so strong. The gusts were as strong as fifty miles per hour and lasted for two days straight. Dad drove down to the lake front and snapped a few photos (including this one) of waves hitting the breakwater and lighthouse. He said getting out of the car was painful as the beach was being sand-blasted at you. I think this photo is a wonderful example for people who have never been to the Great Lakes and hear the word 'lake' and think 'pond'. Lake Michigan is so wide, you can't see the other side because of the curvature of the earth. Storms on the Great Lakes have taken down ocean going vessels. This lake is closer to an ocean experience with the added bonus of no creatures that can eat or sting you.

Panels for Primates:Troy Wilson edited a charity webcomic anthology hosted by ACT-I-VATE to benefit Primate Rescue. I contributed a one page story called 'Great Primates in History' which is a farcical accounting of four primates and their effect on history. My story will go live here tomorrow.

Legends of the Guard Contributors Signing:
Tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 3rd, Jeremy Bastian, Nate Pride, Katie Cook, and I will be signing Legends of the Guard issues and the collected hardcover at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, MI. I know this is short notice, but if you are in the area, please stop by between 4pm and 7pm to say hello and/or get your book(s) signed.

Fan Art:
Jeff Hendrickson send me this photo of he and his girlfriend in their Halloween costumes as Lieam and Sadie. Thanks for sending it in Jeff!

Upcoming Appearances:
Mid-Ohio Con: Nov. 6-7
2011 dates TBA


maija said...

"This lake is closer to an ocean experience with the added bonus of no creatures that can eat or sting you."

LAMPREYS!!! Yeah, they don't attack people, but they're in there, bein' creepy!

Also watch out for Mishipeshu, the giant underwater lynx-dragon with scales of copper. That's his tail stirring up the waves in the photograph.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Dave I really like your series in showing 3d models. I am going to get into comic books after school is finished I've got (sign) about six more years. I am writing storie lines now and have a world. Anyway enough about me. So do you draw all your stuff out on photoshop?
Hey I would love to see what you do in photo shop I am looking at trying out multimedia in the fall.
Haven't seen the Black Axe series yet but I want you to know I am still looking for it at the local comic shop.

Brian Jones said...

Hey David have you ever thought of having mice guard that live in a meditreanean climate like California? Here it never freezes. It rains and is cold in the winder and hot and dry in the summer. We have like six months without rain in the summer. There is also microclimates. It can be cold and clammy in San Francisco but up in Marin where I live it is scalding hot with sunshine. Also sometimes it can be hot in most of San Francisco but you hit an area that is prone to fog and it is freezing!
Just wondered. Also in San Rafael where I use to live we had a real problem with rats, they were everywhere you couldn't get rid of them. People plant Ivy in their yards because they can't grow grass not enough water her. So they plant Ivy everywhere guess where the rats live?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your series. I picked up the first novel at a convention. I liked it. My 9-year-old son, who HATES to read,LOVES it! He found it on my husband's desk and has been so excited about reading it. He's actually sat me down and read me the whole thing! He is now going back to the begining and reading it to me again!. I'm going to have to get the rest of the series. Anything that can keep his attention like this is worth having!

DPetersen said...

Maija: Knowing about the Great Lakes shipwrecks, as a child I was scared of the bodies that were in there. I vividly remember seeing part of a ship's timber wash up on Lake Michigan's shore north of Ludington and pictured a skelletal crew waiting just past where the depth was over my head, waiting to snatch at my ankles. (Later the Pirates of the Caribbean's cursed pirate crew became a visual match)

1st Anonymous: I do most of my drawing with a mechanical pencil in a sketchbook. The final art is on 300 series Strathmore bristol with UniBall Vision pens. Only the colors are digital.

Brain: Currently I want to explore more of the map I have already established. The climate is supposed to be similar to where I live: Michigan, where we have the full range of temps & weather, you just have to wait for the next season to get it

2nd Anonymous: Wonderful to hear stories like yours! Glad you encouraged him when he showed you he was reading a comic (instead of parents who whould scoff and try to cram a chapter book in his hands)

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