Tuesday, December 14, 2010

With Black Axe #1 shipping this week, I noticed I hadn't shared the full cover art for Issue #2. I did tweet a few photos of the model (here) and of the progress on the inks (here and here) but never showed you guys the final cover art. Fans of Conrad will be happy to see his return in issue #2 (with both legs and an un-maimed ear to boot!)

Last week I showed the process of making a lino cut and print using the relief printing method. I just found a Christmas card I made back around 1999/2000 with a mouse theme. The ink didn't apply as evenly on this print, and that is why I still have it instead of having mailed it out. I have tried a few times in the past to make a yearly Christmas card, but we usually end up purchasing them as it's easier. Perhaps next year...

Fan Art:

R. Mark Ygona sent this to me saying: "I've been enjoying Mouse Guard thus far and wanted to contribute a piece of Fan Art to show my appreciation for the series. Attached is my rendition of Lieam wielding the Black Axe in action. "

Awesome! Thanks!

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Mayhem said...

Congrats on Black Axe #1 (I actually got my copy last week!), an intriguing start to the tale. And a couple of cunning references to Predator to boot heh...

Anonymous said...

I am so happy t see Conrad again! When I first read the second book of fall, I decided 1/2 way into it Conrad was my favorite character! Of course to my disappointment he died a few frames later... I'm looking forward to some to seeing more of him! But by the way, since he died, Saxon is my new favorite! I am ready to add to my mouse guard collection!

Max West said...

I'm looking forward to the Black Axe. In fact, I still have to get my copy of Legends of the Guard.

DPetersen said...

Mayhem: Funny, Predator is one of those movies I have never seen, so the references are unitnentional.

DAB: Conrad turned out to be a fan favorite all around. It's kind of like how Boba Fett became so popular after just a few minutes of screen time in Emprie Strikes Back. I would like to chalk up part of Conrad's popularity to his sacrifice for Sadie though.

Max: I hope you enjoy both.

Anonymous said...

Hey david

Just wanted to know if your doing any Canada trips next year????


levithepirate said...

Thank you for making Black Axe #1 so terrific! You definitely made the wait worthwhile!

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