Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reference Model: Conrad's Ship:
Because of how frequently Conrad's boat would be seen in Black Axe #2, I knew I needed to build reference for it. unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the build process,
but I can tell you that it started with a cardboard skeleton of the hull, followed by a cardboard deck, and bristol board sides. The railings were all made with match-stick sized craft scrap wood.
For adhesive, I started with rubber cement, but as I went along making more permanent decisions, I switched to hot-melt-glue. The bottom of the boat's hull is also covered in blue painter's tape. It's helped me smooth out the contour of the compound curves, but also gave me a reference line for where the water level would be.
I tried to figure out a way to design the rigging so that Conrad could man the ship alone having full control over the sheet (how tight the sail is) and the rudder. This project was (like the Legends cover #2 library model) an exercise in tactile design. I tried drawing concept sketches for this boat based on various historic ships, abut didn't get very far. By cutting and gluing, I designed as I went eyeballing shapes proportions in 3d as I went. (only took 1 night)

So to showcase my madness here is a gallery of the model (16" long, 17" tall, 5.5" wide):

Thank you to Julia, who helped me take these photos, but photos of all my hand built Mouse Guard models that still exist (three older ones have bitten the dust).
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