Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Locke & Key Head Games limited ed. originals

Locke & Key is a comic I was late to the game with but have been trumpeting as one of my favorite books ever since I discovered it. The folks over at IDW asked me to do artwork for their special limited editions of Head Games (the 2nd collection in the series). I was given 3 blank cover plates and 10 empty-head Bodies to fill with my take on imagery from the series (and not just limited to Head Games). An original (along with originals by Jim Mafood, Langdon Foss, Alan Robinson, & Tonya Harris) will be inserted in each book (Bodie Heads in the "Black Label books, Covers in the Black Label ones).

Below these final art images are sketches and in-progress shots as I worked on the project...

Black Label:

Beyond the Black Door


Tears & Fears


Undertree Key & Squirrel

Benjamin Locke

Open the Moon

Dodge & Ellie

The Crown of Black Currants

Animal Key

The Tempest

Open Mind



It was a pleasure and honor to get to do these, and I hope I get to play in and around Keyhouse again someday.

Upcoming Appearances:
North Carolina Comic Con: November 9-10

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M said...

Great work! I love the first one and especially the squirrel one!

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