Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mouse Guard color Video #5

For this week's blogpost (and 3 more to follow) I colored a inked Mouse Guard character portrait in my normal fashion in Photoshop. I recorded the process and speed up the result x8. Here is the video:

direct link to watch the video on Vimeo:

Here is a better look at the original inks and the finished piece:

To see more coloring videos visit my Vimeo Video Page:

2015 Appearances:
C2E2 April 24-26
Motor City May 15-17
Denver Comic Con May 22-25
Heroes Con June 19-21
Baltimore Comic Con Sept. 25-27
New York Comic Con Oct. 8-11


Anonymous said...

Fantastic video! I attend GenCon in Indianapolis every year. It would be wonderful to see you there!

Nicolas said...

Hey David, just discovered your books as I was trying to read all of Angouleme's official selection. Stunning stuff, wondering how I missed it.

Is there a chance you'll be at Angouleme at the end of the month ?

DPetersen said...

Nicolas: Thank you for taking the time to pursue Mouse Guard!

Unfortunately, I will not be at Angouleme this year :(

But my very good friend and frequent Mouse Guard contributor Jeremy Bastian will be! He has a Great book called Cursed Pirate Girl. Worth your time.

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