Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Signed & Überdoodled Books

 I know not everyone can make it out to a convention or an appearance, and so it's not always easy to get a signed copy of Mouse Guard books.

Well, starting today, I'm selling off my remaining 2015 convention  stock of Mouse Guard books I have on my studio shelves!


For the Fall, Winter, Legends, and Baldwin hardcovers, I've signed and doodled my traditional mouse head in each copy. These books are all being sold at cover price because, just like at conventions, I DO NOT CHARGE FOR MY SIGNATURE!

To the right you can see the Baldwin the Brave books getting signed. For this year-end book sale, I signed and doodled about 150 copies of the various books so-far and will be playing catch-up with the rest as orders start to ship out.

For the larger 12" x 12" Art of Mouse Guard and Winter B&W editions, I've Überdoodled each one with a unique mouse drawing. No specific drawing can be requested, these books will be picked at random when an order is placed.

Below you can see many examples of the Überdoodles. (excuse the blurriness, I took these with my phone as I completed each one)

*Orders with multiple books will be charged separate shipping, but IF we can combine shipping into a single affordable package (depending on quantity, weight, and sizes of books ordered) we will refund the excess shipping charges after the order is placed.

2015 Appearances:
Art-Bubble Comics Festival: Copenhagen: Nov. 14-15
2016 Dates coming soon.

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