Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERCATS, HO!

As a fun experiment at my weekly Art Night gathering with other local artist friends, I tried my hand at drawing a favorite of mine as a kid...the Tundercats! I didn't want to redesign them, or stick to copying a model sheet, I wanted to just draw them as I would, with respect to the original designs but enough David Petersen linework that you knew it was from my hand.

I want to reiterate, these were only for fun. I'm not working on any Thundercats Project, and I won't make prints of characetrs I don't own. With that said, enjoy!

Many of the original inked pieces are available in my online store:

2017 Appearances: 
C2E2: April 21-23
Heroes Con: Jun. 16-18
San Diego Comic Con: July 19-23
Baltimore Comic Con: Sept. 22-24

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