Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Gabcroon Recipie

In the hardcover extras of Fall 1152, I mentioned "A dense bread filled with seeds, fruits, and nuts." and I called it 'Gabcroon' (an anagram of a blondie-like desert bar my Grandmother called Congo Bars). I'd always imagined there would be variations of Gabcroon, but the version I'd always wanted to eat was something a bit more like a scone than a loaf of bread...and it would be packed with the fruits, seeds, and nuts to the point of almost being unable to keep it's form.

Several fans have shared with me their own recipes for Gabcroon over the years...

But last year at Heroes Con a fan named Rhomni St. John stopped by my table cosplaying as Sienna with a bee and offered me a few of her home-baked Gabcroon with a little vial of honey.

And they were delicious! I reached out to Rhomni about getting her recipe and she was kind enough to share it. Below are the ingredients and instructions for her version of Gabcroon:

Do you have a Gabcroon recipe of your own? Please share your results of this or your own recipe and I'll do a follow-up blogpost with the results!

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Mauro said...

Not a recipe but a question about this recipe... I would think that gabcroons should be made with something that mice could possible have. So where would mice get milk to make butter with? I could see them getting eggs from birds nests in the wild, or maybe from quails, but milking a wild animal (I don't see them raising any other kind of mammal for milk) would be beyond difficult.

Unknown said...

Mice ARE mammals...

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