Tuesday, July 9, 2019

SDCC 2019 Info

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner, so here is my 2019 SDCC info quick rundown with more details below:

-Location: #4901 & GG-09

-Panel: Thurs: foreign licensing & comics

-Merch: I'm bringing LOTS of stuff

-New Tees


I will have 2 locations on the show floor this year. Most of the show, I'll be at the 'Hot Chocolate' Booth #4901. But I'll also be doing signings at my usual Artist Alley location GG-09. When I'm not in artist alley, my sister Kirsten will be there with books, prints, pins, sketchbooks, and more. My booth location, where I will have more room, will also have books, prints, pins, and sketchbooks, but also games, original art, posters, and more.

Archaia/BOOM! will also have my books at Booth #2229. Feel free to purchase there and get a signature from me when you get over to #4901 or GG-09

Thursday 1PM––Room 9: "Comics Go Global: Foreign Rights Licensing"
People around the world love American comics. A dedicated cadre of individuals across the globe work in tandem to create translated editions for international audiences. Learn about this obscure additional revenue stream and vehicle for cultural exchange with Kari Torson (Dark Horse), Lance Kreiter (BOOM! Studios), Michele Foschini (BAO Publishing, Italy), Sullivan Rouaud (HiComics, France), and creators Gabriel Bá (Umbrella Academy), Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT), and David Petersen (Mouse Guard). Moderated by Amber Garza (Sequential Rights: Image/Skybound+).

Between the two locations I'll have Hardcover Books, The Swords & Strongholds Board Game, Enamel Pins, Limited Ed. Prints,  Black Axe B&W Ed., Tee Shirts, Mondo Posters, Original Artwork, The RPG Boxed Set, Commissions, Sketchbooks (a few past years as well), The Embroidered Patch, Bookplates (past years as well), Matted Prints, & The Coloring Book!

New Tees:
As I posted about a few weeks back, we plan to have two new tee shirts (same design, but different color variations). Unfortunately, due to a printing error, we are unsure if we will have the new shirts in-time for SDCC. We are working with the screen printer to see if there's still a way to get the new shirts in to San Diego in-time for the convention.

If all goes according to plan, we will have S, M, L, XL, 2X, & 3X of both colors (Gold & Sand)

As usual, I'll be taking commission requests at the convention. The commissions are on toned paper of a single figure bust/torso, on 9x12 toned paper, with ink, pencil, brown color pencil, and white gel pen for $250.

First Come--First Served--New list every day.

2019 Appearances
San Diego Comic Con July 17-21
GenCon August 1-4
New York Comic Con October 3-6
Baltimore Comic Con October 18-20
The Fantastic Workshop Nov. 13-18

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