Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Sharon Petersen Obituary

My Mom passed away last Friday after struggles with Parkinson’s and Dementia—but also after a joyful lifetime of sewing, crafting, and genealogy. She is now at peace.

She encouraged and nurtured in me a love of crafting and making. She pushed for enrollment in art classes, stuffed Christmas stocking full of art supplies, and attended every event where my work was on display. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive Mom of my artistic career.

Below I'm sharing the obituary my sister Lesa wrote for her as well as lots of photos of her life.

Sharon Ann Petersen 
passed from complications of Parkinson's Disease on January 10, 2020, at age 81 in Beaumont Hospital hospice care in Royal Oak, Mich. Born Sharon Winters on May 27, 1938, in Flint, Michigan, she was the daughter of Clair and Marguerite Winters.

Sharon graduated from Flint Central High School in 1956 and studied at the University of Hawaii before returning home to earn her nursing degree at Mott Community College in 1974.

In 1972, she married Eric Petersen and became a loving stepmother to his two daughters, Kirsten and Lesa. On July 4, 1977, the family was delighted to welcome Sharon and Eric's son, David.

Sharon was small in stature but mighty in spirit. Her constant creative undertakings included sewing and embroidering dressings for the interior of Oak Park United Methodist Church in Flint and for the robes of its pastors and choir members. At Oak Park and in the schools Kirsten, Lesa, and David attended, she contributed passionately to every fundraiser, music and theater performance, art fair, spirit parade, and community dinner with her creativity and generosity.

She was a gifted seamstress and loved sewing and quilting, crafting, and making elaborate, beautiful cakes. An expert self-taught genealogist who was active in the Flint Genealogical Society, she often trekked to genealogical libraries in the Midwest as she mapped her family's lineage.

She spent her last years in the loving care of son David and daughter-in-law Julia at their home in Ferndale, Mich.

She is preceded by her sister Nancy, her brother Richard, and her parents.

A ceremony celebrating Sharon's life will be held in May.


Emanuel said...

Dear David, my condolences

Through the pictures, even someone that has not met this woman, I can seance the joy and can perceive the rich history from them. Now it goes one in those that she has brought on to this world.

Emanuel, from Puerto Rico

alxjhnsn said...

A loving tribute. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sojourning Scribbler said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother'a passing David, I'm sure she inspired you in so many ways and shared with you so much wisdom and joy and laughter as as only a mother can do. You have my deepest sympathies and condolences good sir. Rest in peace Mrs. Petersen, thank you for leaving your loving mark upon so many lives.

MK Buike said...

My sincere condolences to you and the rest of her family. She sounds like such a wonderful, vibrant person!

Dragon Dave said...

I'm saddened to hear of your mother's passing. I know she meant a great deal to you. I wish you healing and comfort, and in the fullness of time, rejuvenation.

Oh, and I hope to see you again at Wondercon, or another convention, one of these years.

VonHales said...

Thank you for sharing this. I would like to share my love and prayers with you and your family.
May God bless you and you wonderful Mother in heaven

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