Tuesday, March 10, 2020


With Emerald City Comic Con being postponed until the Summer due to responsible COVID-19 prevention plans, I've decided to do my own #ONLINECON! 

The entire event will take place between my Twitch channel & my online store:


In addition to streaming 6-8 hours per-day Wed-Sunday (when I'd have been in Seattle otherwise), I'll have all my brand new prints that were set to debut at ECCC as well as my existing items like tee-shirts, tote bags, enamel pins, and more.

Below I go into more detail about what kind of promotions, content, & fun we'll have at

Toned Paper Commissions:
I normally only offer Toned Paper Commissions at conventions––BUT, for #ONLINECON, I've made them available to purchase in my online store! AND, I'll be drawing them LIVE on my Twitch stream. They are single figure, torso/bust with minimal background on Strathmore 9x12 toned tan paper for $250.

New Mouse Guard Prints:
I have five new prints that were set to release at ECCC: The new 11" x 11" Limited Ed. Print titled 'Sharon', the new Bookplate (with the image of my relief woodcarving), as well as 3 new 9"x12" Mouse Guard prints. AND if you were unable to get to C2E2, I still have copies of the WANTED: 'Mortimer' tea stained print.

New Mouse Guard Originals:
The original inked artwork for the 9x12 print 'Hornblower', the 11" x 11" 'Sharon' piece, & Mortimer print are all available for sale! I've also included my pencils I used for my Dark Crystal Skeksis & Mystics covers, AND the inks for my last Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance cover: Mayrin.

20% OFF Most Items:
On the top menu of my online store is a tab called 'SALE'. Every item listed there is 20% OFF with ordercode: ONLINECON. (a few items like the newest original art, and the toned paper commissions are not included in the discount)

Free US Shipping on $100+ Orders:
Spend $100 in the store AND live in the US--FREE SHIPPING during #ONLINECON! However, we can't offer 2 discounts that can both be applied at checkout in our online store (technical limitations). So use the 20% OFF code, and we will refund the shipping cost if the order is $100 or more. This is for domestic orders only. Sorry to all of those abroad.

Lots of Giveaways:
In my Twitch stream, I've started doing giveaways at least once per broadcast. Things like signed comics, Art of Bricks Hardcovers, and some sketchbooks have been given away in the past...but for #ONLINECON, I'm bringing out some more goodies: Giant Papercraft mice, Mouse Guard coffee mugs, signed books and more! I'll be doing several each day.

Chat With Me & Other Fans:
Part of the joy of conventions is getting to interact with fans and creators. I know that as an artist that does my work alone in a studio, it's really nice to get out to a con and meet with fans and get feedback. And I've found that while at my table several fans who were previously strangers have become friends with one another. Well, as I stream on Twitch, you can chat with me, ask questions about what I'm working on, or what my favorite ice cream flavor is. All you'll need is a Twitch login (free)

Watch Me Work:
Fans who already tune in to my Twitch streams get to do this––but fans at conventions don't normally get to watch the process as I work on a piece. I'll be doing the Toned Commissions on stream, so you can see the full process from a blank sheet of paper, to pencils, to the inks & tone work until it's done and I start on the next one. And, of course, you can join in the chat and ask questions

Coloring Tutorials:
To switch up the kind of artwork I'm doing, I plan to also do some coloring on a piece from the Mouse Guard Coloring Book so that I can include it in my next sketchbook. I'll do my best to narrate my process through that digital coloring process, and I'll answer questions as I go so that if you've ever wondered how I render colors with a mouse––now's your chance.

And More!
I still don't know what all I'll do to fill the broadcast time. I may have some invited guests to join us for a chat, I may run through one of my past slideshows, demo the Mouse Guard board game, do a live reading of a Mouse Guard story––I'm not sure! But we'll find out together at #ONLINECON

2020 Appearances
FACTS-Ghent Belgium: April 4-5
Heroes Con: June 19-21
San Diego Comic Con: July 22-26
New York Comic Con: October 8-11
Baltimore Comic Con: Oct 23-25

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