Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Twitch Stream (twitch.tv/davidpetersen). Over the course of those 5 days I'll be streaming 8 hours per day, spending half the time drawing, and the other half with guests for panels, interviews, and programming! I'l also be running a sale in my online store and adding new original artwork and merchandise to the store.
August 19-23rd I'll be running an ONLINECON on my

To the left you can see the promo for the event and I'll go into more details below!

The Guest list is pretty fantastic! And almost every other hour of the ONLINECON features one of them. An incomplete list of those joining me: Tony DiTerlizzi, Meredith Salenger, Jesse Glenn, Jeremy Bastian, Gallery Gerard, Gabriel Rodriguez, Mark Smylie, Chris Schweizer, Kishore Hari, James Wojtal, Gordon Smuder, Jamier Bressler, Julia Petersen, Darek Zabrocki, Didier Konings, and Luke Crane.

To see which guests are appearing when, check the schedule below:

But in addition to guests, there will be several new items going into my Online Store during ONLINECON:

A new 11" x 11" print titled 'PREVAIL'

A new 24 page full color sketchbook collection titled 'Dawn, Daye, & Dusk'

While not 'for sale' a new Mouse Guard short story will be shown and read aloud by Meredith Salenger! The original art for the pages will be available for purchase in the store once the story has been read on Friday.

New original inked art from the Mouse Guard sketchbook

My hardwood Vidad Treepen's carved wands

Signed Mouse Guard books
(Fall, Winter & Black Axe)

And I'll be opening up commission slots a few days before ONLINECON starts so that I'll be working on them live on stream while the event goes on.

Since doing conventions in real-life is not an option right now, I wanted to offer up the closest alternative I could--a FREE convention, where I offer up new merchandise for sale, but beyond that, where we can get a chance to hang out and visit, where I can offer panel content and guests...where we can still enjoy our community of people who make and/or enjoy illustrative art that tells a story.

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Edwyn said...

Wow what an awesome lineup! Can’t wait 😃

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