Tuesday, December 22, 2020

2020 Twitch Holiday Party Stream

 Tomorrow I'll be hosting a Holiday Party on Twitch from my livingroom! Come join me from 4-8 as I'll be chatting with you all and inviting you to come on the stream with me!

There will be two ways to join the stream to chat with me, share a holiday message, or share memories of your favorite Christmases. 

 Jump into the Google Hangout link I've created and have your camera and mic on. I'll be bringing guests one at a time onto the stream.

Here is the link for the Google Meeting room:

If you're camera shy, but would still like to come onto the stream, Join the stream via my Discord by joining the server using this link:

In the Discord channel you will see a voice channel--that's where I'll have you click to join the stream.

Hope to see you all tomorrow for my last stream of the year––and where I'll also be giving away some prizes!

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