Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Recent Toned Commissions

 I've finished  all the toned paper commissions from the 2021 Black Friday Sale and events like FCBD and Baltimore Comic Con. I streamed drawing almost every one of these on my Twitch Stream.

A Guardmouse with a hand-crossbow


An Elephant Shrew Mouse in Armor

'Slashy Ashy' from Ash vs The Evil Dead TV show

Demona from Gargoyles

A Frank Quietly-esque Superman

A MI mouse showing where he lives by using his paw as a map

Logray The Ewok


Dr. Doom as a Wolf

Jei from Usagi Yojimbo

Baby Yoday/Grogu/TheChild

An Arctic Fox Squire

Mouse Black Knight

A Guardmouse 

Usagi as a Rabbit in Mouse Guard

Nausicaa & The Fox Squirrel

A fan's Cat with a Guardmouse

a Mouse Athena


A Black Cat named 'Gimalkin'

A fan's Pup as an adventurer

A Guardmouse

Kenzie, a Guardmouse

Hudson, a fan's pup

Raphael of the TMNT as a medieval warrior


Iron Tortoise

Ewok Scout




Guardmouse with a pipe

Dwarven WWI Soldier

Elven WWI Soldier

Goblin WWI Pilot

Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi Yojimbo

Rat from Wind in the Willows

A Swashbuckling Guinea Pig 

Mike Mignola's Radio Spaceman

Havok of the X-Men

Iceman of the X-Men

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