Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Various Work

Snowy Valentines Day:

Been busy this last week and weekend with artwork. Unfortunately, I can't share most of it yet (covers for upcoming Mouse Guard issues, the hardcover and the RPG) But I can start to share some sketches I'm doing for an upcoming Children's book with Harper Collins called Snowy Valentines Day. It's based on the story I drew for Julia as a gift on our first married Valentines Day.  The story is being tweaked and added to so that it can be a full length picture book. The editors over at Harper Collins are fan of my Wind in the Willows illustrations and we decided to try and capture that style for the look of this book.

The new version include several friends the main character (now a rabbit) asks for help in finding the perfect gift for his bride. I have been having fun coming up with looks for the different critters homes and furnishings in fact the Rabbit's home has a few details of items that can be found in our real home.

Mouse Guard:
I have been working on some of the art for the Winter 1152 Hardcover (the little things like the tall nature panels that seperate the sections, the title page illustration etc...) Here is the dedication page illustration of Kenzie:

Cursed Pirate Girl:

A good friend of mine Jeremy Bastain has a book coming out through ASP this month called Cursed Pirate Girl. I have been very lucky for several years to sit by Jeremy and watch him work every Thursday night. He asked if I would contribute a pin-up for the first issue and I was pleased to. Jeremy's work is incredible. He can draw like an old master, he can conjure ideas more silly and twisted than Lewis Carrol & Arthur Rackham combined, and it's fun to read. You can take a look at Jeremy's artwork at his website

Fan Art:
I am also lucky that in the last few years, Nate Pride has attended those Thursday night sessions. His work is fun to watch apear on his paper as well. Back when I first started doodling Winter cloak designs for the Winter 1152 series, Nate slid this accross the table for me to peek at. I really liked the design and incorperated it into the mouse that represents Nate. (who has not yet appeared, but has been mentioned). Nate's website can be found here
see ya next time


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful work as usual. I love the mice but I hope there are more "races" in this world you've created.

Pencils and Inks Comic Art said...

awesome looking work once again:) can't wait to see this SVD book...it looks great(love the textures on the rabbit's coloring!) and that wolf looks wicked! but judging by your production, do you even sleep?? quite the output:)

Unknown said...

OMG predictably I LOVE that cover


Anonymous said...

When will we see some of your weasel artwork?

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