Sunday, January 27, 2008

First off, sorry about the blog silence. I am learning the dont's of working on many things at once. As a result, Mouse Guard 3 has been late, and I am very sorry. It is scheduled to be out in your LCS in February. It is at the printer currently. I have posted a preview of Issue #3 at the Mouse Guard Website: Issue 3 Preview

I also would love to share the cover to issue #4. So far, it is my favorite cover and one that I am keeping (Julia twisted my arm to keep the cover of Fall #4 when it came out, funny that Fall's #4 is her favorite and Winter #4 is mine). I have had it set as my desktop for a long time now, but wanted to wait to show it until issue 3 was soon-to-hit.

In preparing for the Mouse Guard Role Playing game, I started drawing pages of small mice in different cloaks and with different weapons or representing different trades. Some of the excersice was for me to quickly nail down some design ideas of mice that have been mentioned, but never seen. The other goal was to push the idea of how many lifestyles, roles, etc make up the Guard and support the Guard's work. Role Playing isn't about who has better stats or just snicker-snacking hundreds of's about character.

Fan Art:
Again I wanted to share a piece of fan art, this time done by my friend Mike Davis. Mike and I have known each other since we took art class in middle school together. He was in my wedding and is the basis for one of the mice in Mouse Guard. He sent over this little doodle and I slapped some color on it. Thanks Mike!!

And one last misc. piece. Last spring Julia's cousin Ian was having a birthday and we covertly had her uncle ask him who his favorite Star Wars character was. Answer: Boba Fett
Watercolor on Reives printmaking paper.

I'll try to post again soon.


Anonymous said...

Will there be Magic in the RPG?

DPetersen said...

Re: Magic
Since there is no magic in the comic series, it will not be a part of the RPG.

gdeo said...

cool boba ,David!!!

Fogger said...

Really like the Boba Fett - the cover to Winter #4 is great too!

Pencils and Inks Comic Art said...

Holy moly are those many awesome mice! Really some fun variations! Makes me want to see a really huge crowd scene:) Great work David, great work...

Joanna said...

I absolutely love the cover for Winter Issue 4. It's beautiful in a creepy sort of way, and it reminds me of why I gave you the title I did on the forums. ;)

The mouse drawings for the rpg are fantastic. I can't wait to start creating characters.

Speaking of cloaks, I decided my Lieam plush needed a new cloak. I happen to have yarn in a similar green color, and have started knitting something new using a stitch that looks woven. Does this make me crazy? Perhaps. But my Lieam will be better dressed than many of the others. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow.
The character sketches for the RPG look wonderful.I've already called this over my friends to get to be the one who GM's it for everyone else, but seeing those sketches makes me itch for my own PC.
This is going to be worth the wait.
As for the issue #4 cover, that's as bold a design as I've ever seen, the sense of peril is just overwhelming.
(nice star wars joke in there too for those who can spot it. 8¬))
Beautiful, just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree with you about RPG being about characters more than stats. I would add an interesting story too. :)

Thanks for your work by the way.

Mathieu Doublet

DPetersen said...

gdeo & fogger: Thanks for the Boba Fett comments. He was fun to paint. It would be fun to do more Star Wars pieces if I had the time.

everyone else re RPG: Thanks! I was a gamer (I have not played anything in YEARS!) and I always liked having characters with oddities...when I ran a game like Heroes Unlimited (where stats really did make teh character and everyone took boxing as a skill because it gave them an extra attack) I forced players to have some sort of problem, like drinking, or hearing voices etc.

In a Shadowrun campain that I was a PC in, not only did I talk in an accent because of my character's nationality, but so did another player, who was from a rival country so we squabbled all the time as our characters. A third character had the bad habbit of giggling/laughing uncontrolably in tense situations...made out espionage missions so much more challenging (and fun!!)

Anyhow, what I'm getting at, is that I am a firm believer in giving a character real problems, troubles, flaws, backgrounds..and not just the "my parents were killed and I vowed to avenge them..I am a loner but get allong well with others" stuff so many players like to start with.

btw, the sketches were leading towards a crowd scene cover for the RPG ;)

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