Friday, July 18, 2008

San Diego is only a few days away, and I apologize for only just now posting about the details. I'll be at booth 2231 (Archaia Studios Press). Julia and I get in to San Diego for preview night and will stay through Sunday...five days of geeky goodness.

I'll have a new color Mouse Guard sketchbook available. 24 pages consisting of past convention sketches colored specifically for the sketchbook. Signed and limited to 300 copies.

I am changing my commission policy. Because I end up taking so many commissions at conventions that I feel like I end up not giving enough attention to attendees stopping by to chat or get their books signed, I am going to be limiting how many I do. I'll take two commissions each day (starting when the floor opens to the public) available for pickup the next day. A 7" x 7" fully inked piece is $150.

I'll also be offering something new this year. I'll be doing sketch cards for $20. (I have a few examples posted here) The images will be per request. And of course, I always do a small sketch when signing a Mouse Guard Fall 1152 hardcover for no charge.

Fan Art:

Two pieces this post. The first comes from Pat who I met briefly at the Motor City convention and my local comic shop. However, it was so brief, that I don't know his full name, what his projects include, or what his site is (Pat I'd be happy to link to your site here). This piece was given to my local shop owner to pass on to me from Pat. Thanks man!!

The second is from a fan named Jamie (whose site appears to be down at the moment. I met Jamie through the forum. She and her fiance stopped by the Toronto con and she gave me this little drawing. The back says "I figured Saxon dreamt of swords at an early age!" Too true Jamie, too true.


Anonymous said...

David, I really like the waterfowl mount. The idea of having alternate mounts for different locales is great. Looking forward to the RPG and further comics. I'll send you more fan art sometime. Thanks for showing us your work.

Bo Harris

Joanna said...

Only 300 sketchbooks?! ::sigh::

The mounted mouse on the cover is SWEET! I'm now imagining mice riding fighting cocks. That would be a pretty vicious combo. LOL

The art cards are a fantastic idea. I have a friend who collects and trades - I'll have to pick one up for her at Baltimore.

I hope you and Julia have a fantastic time at SDCC! Say hello to everyone for me. :)


luis said...

Dear David, i hope you recieved the pictures i sent you from the Toronto Convention. My girlfriend Glorina and i had fun meeting you and your lovely wife Julia. I now understand all the hard work you creators put into your projects, and greatful for them. Hope to see you again in our great city of Toronto!!! Your #1 fan Luis

Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

oh a sketchbook
Where will it be available ???
I'm french and i'd like to buy it
it's already so hard to get mouse guard comic books from winter saison for a french ...

Anonymous said...

I'm sad that I'll miss out on the sketchbooks! I bet they sell like hot cakes and I wish you all the best at this year's SDCC!

Glad you enjoyed the Saxon card and it was great seeing your Mouse Guard figures in person.

If there were any problems with my site beforehand they seem to be running normal now!

Again great saying hi to you and your wife and having a bit of a chat!

- Jamie

Anonymous said...

Hey David,
Of course I discover your blog AFTER I've been to COmic Con. I've been a huge fan since issue #1 of MG and I was definately looking for ya. :(

Hope the last day of con is great though, and now I can at least keep up with your work via this blog.

Anonymous said...

Big congrats on the Eisner win!

Sociedad de Comics y artistas de comics de Tijuana said...

Hi David!! im the guy who ask you the Usagi Scketch and the Hardcover i only post this here because i want say: THANK YOU!! for the scketch and all the things so thank you for spending all that time drawing in the scketch so thats all....

Seeya the next Comic-Con !!
oo and i have read the Mouse Guard Fall Hardcover and its really amazing i hope the next SDCC i could buy the Mouse Guard Winter Hardcover :D ...

Mayhem said...

Congrats also on the Eisner wins! It was great to finally meet you David and early enough in the day to request a commission (says he the guy who trooped all the way from the UK for the show). Will be awaiting the Winter hardcover with anticipation...

Brienne said...

That picture of Katie is priceless! She does know that exists, right?


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