Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!!
I know I'm a few days late, but I hope the fans of Mouse Guard and this blog are preparing (if not already having) a wonderful 2009. This year will bring the conclusion and hardcover release of Mouse Guard Winter 1152 (the LONGEST winter in history!!) I'll have completed my first children's book for publication, and I'll be doing more traveling (the goal was to keep the number of shows and appearances down to last year's list if not smaller...and we already passed that number) So it will be a busy but hopefully a happy year for the Petersens.

Blog Content:
I'm running low on content for the blog these days. I have work for Mouse Guard I can't show due to spoilers, and I have non-Mouse Guard work (Muppets, Star Wars, & a few other delights) that I can't show yet either. This keeps me hunting for things to blog about like the old artwork and games (I don't know how folks like James Gurney keep it up daily!!). I don't mind showing that old and obscure stuff, but it's not the only type of thing I want to share. So for my next post (unless I have amazing news or can start sharing the backlog of artwork) I'd like to have your suggestions on topics. Perhaps like a Q&A. So leave comments in this post and I'll not only try and answer them, I'll try and find some image or photograph that illustrates or enhances the answer.

Mouse Sculptures:
In tonight's wandering search around the studio for something to share, I saw my bronze mouse that I currently use as a bookend. I sculpted him from wax back in '96(?) and cast him in bronze for my sculpture class. It is supposed to be Saxon from an idea I had that once Saxon, Kenzie and Rand all return from the Winter War of 1149, they are so recognized as heroes, they are each offered towns named after them. Kenzie would stay with the Guard only visiting his town, Saxon wanting a large statue in his, and Rand retiring to become mayor of his city. As you can guess 98% of that idea doesn't jive with where Mouse Guard is today, but I plan on extracting the 2%, twisting it a bit and using it to pepper the future storylines.

The bronze mouse made me think of one of the gifts I gave Julia for Christmas. This is her mouse, June, keeper of the June Alley Inn. June has barely been in the comics so far (I don't know that she will have a substantial role until the 4th series) But I try and include her in sketchbook pieces and the RPG cover etc. So I wanted Julia to have something special and unique of her mouse. Everything is super sculpy except for the stone base, hemp belt, terrycloth vest and cotton sash.

Fan Art:
This was e-mailed to me the other day:

I had an hour to spare so I decided to make a low poly cel shaded mouseguard fan characternamed Darius.

Your fan,
David "Halo" B-R

Thanks David!!


Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job with the blog. It's fun seeing whatever you are working/have worked on.
I was curious how you come up with characters (specifically guardsmice). Is it an illustration that guides the character, or do you have an idea of a personality that you would like to get down on paper? Also, your process posts were very informative, though I'm not sure what else you may have to share. Have fun, and I should be sending some more fan art your way soon (I'm working on Mouse Guard themed invitations to a birthday party).

Anonymous said...

Big fan of mouseguard and always interested to see new stuff on the blog. non-canon mg stuff is always fun to see as well. i particularly like the western pieces. i was wondering what was a deciding factor for you not having any type of magic in your world? also will there be of the apiary keeper or spidersilk hunters in future works?

BlackAxe1 said...

Hi David,

I was wondering if your special edition slip case Mouse Guard book will only be available at the New York ComicCon or will others get a chance to purchase it? Btw your RPG was incredible and fun to play!!! Please tell me you have a Toronto date coming up???

All the best


Mr.Craig said...

Can you do a series of how to draw Mouse Guard characters?

lombraƱa said...

i my name´s rob lombraƱa i´m from spain,catalonia. i buy your book: mouse guard, and i like so much!! i red the first season inside the beast, and i very ilusionate with your art and story. i hope that make toys with this. i´m so penciler ilustrator, visit my blog: well best regards.

Anonymous said...

is there going to be anymore Mouse guard merchandise (ie- calander)? Is there any truth to the rumors of a movie?


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