Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Legends of the Guard
Issue 2 of the Mouse Guard Anthology is now in previews (order code: APR10 0733). Here is the full cover for the issue (perhaps my favorite for the series). This issue will feature stories by Gene Ha & Lowell Francis, Sean Rubin & Alex Kain, and Terry Moore!

Colored Work:
I had a great time coloring this one because of the lighting of the sabers & the stairs.

This weekend I'll be at C2E2. I'll be set up at the Archaia booth (#545). Archaia will have Mouse Guard books for sale, I'll be signing and meeting fans. Hope to see you in Chicago!

Upcoming Appearances:*
C2E2 (Archaia Booth): April 16-18
Graham Crackers Comics Chicago, IL May 1st (FCBD)
Motor City Con: May 14-16
Kids Read Comics: June 12th (Sat. only)
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29

*more 2010 dates may be added


Anonymous said...

I love the star wars commission it is awesome!! I love the Darth Vader mouse!!!!!I cant believe I missed the ustream on sunday! I need to keep checking for tweet updates.

Mr.Craig said...

Hey is there a chance you would Come to any events in Sioux Falls, SD?

levithepirate said...

Super excited to see what Terry Moore brings to MG! Some strangers in paradise-like drama perhaps?

Chris H said...

I live in Texas and discovered Mouse Guard a month ago. I saw your scheduled appearances and didn't see Dallas Akon 2010 or Comic Con 2010 on your list. Any chance you might make it out here in 2011?

DPetersen said...

DAB: I'll try and do another Ustream soon.

Mr. Craig: My schedule for 2010 is fairly set. I'm not opposed to traveling, but I normally only go out-of-state for conventions (though there are exceptions)

Levithepirate: I'm looking forward to Terry's story too!

Chris H: At this time, no, I'm sorry, I don't have a TX show on the horizon. I have cut back on shows this year, and next year hope to reconnect with the shows I dropped from this year but still love (Emerald City, Heroes, Wondercon...)

Brandon said...

I really can't wait for Legends of the Guard! It seems like a long time since we've had new Mouse Guard stories :) I'm REALLY looking forward to this series. It's going to be awesome to have other artists and storytellers playing in the world of Mouse Guard for this anthology series. I'm really glad that Mouse Guard has become popular enough to be able to do a spin-off title like this. You don't see many original properties getting a spin-off series like this, and the world of Mouse Guard is perfect for this.

Of course, I'm looking forward to Black Axe even more ;)

This cover for Issue #2 is AMAZING! I love, LOVE the atmosphere! It's definitely a contender for best Mouse Guard art ever :) I'm sure that the story to go along with this is going to be great!

I just can't get enough of your art, David. You know that I'm still waiting for Art of David Petersen / Art of Mouse Guard books :)

Heather said...

Will you be doing any commissions at Comic-Con in San Diego at the end of the month?

DPetersen said...


Yes, I'll start a list every day (only taking a few names..perhaps only 1 on some days). $150 First come, first serve....don't make it on the list Thurs? try again, Fri...or Sat, etc.


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