Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SDCC 2012 info & Peacock Print Process

Print Process:
Here is the process for making the print image. I hadn't planned on making a new print for SDCC, but with no new books, and no new prints, I felt like I could use something new and fresh for the SDCC attendees. Julia mentioned that in my time doing prints, I have not offered up one that is simply "pretty". I've done mice with swords & axes, I've done darker imagery of mice on bones or mice on buzzards, and I've reprinted cover art as prints...but never something pretty for pretty's sake. Julia said "something where a non-comic-fan wife/girlfriend would be happy to have it framed or displayed in the living space". Julia also wanted there to be peacock feathers because she likes the way I ink those. I started with this sketch, scanned it, and printed it out at final art size

ustreamed most of the rest of the process. The inks were all done on 12" x 12" bristol with a 0.7 Copic Multiliner suing my printed layout as a guide. The mouse started off being no mouse in particular, but as I inked her, I may have started developing a history for her. The flowering tree is one that is near my house and that I photographed when gathering some reference of a patch of ivy that grows beneath it. The sword is one I've drawn a few times before. I know what mouse it belongs to and, to some degree, what it means in that mouse's life, but I have not worked out the details of when that mouse gets it or how this mouse came to have it tied to a flowering tree. See how the act of just making a print image can open the doors for new stories, characters, and backgrounds?

The inks were scanned and then colored digitally. I color held the pattern on her dress and the eye details of the peacock feathers.That pale yellow background color is starting to become one of my go-to color choices, and the muted red-oranges and olive greens are also popping up as regular color selections for me. In some ways, having a stock palette is good, it gives consistency to your work and world. In other ways it becomes an easy crutch and makes it harder to evoke different times of day, seasons, locations, and moods. In this instance, as a one-of image that represents the beauty of Mouse Guard, I think the colors work, but I'm typing this as a reminder to myself to make sure I go beyond this color range for future pieces.

SDCC 2012 Info:
Comic Con starts this week so, here is all the info you need to know about where I'll be, what I'll be doing, and what I'll have for sale.
I'll be spending most of my time at my artist alley table: GG-09, but I'll also be doing some signings at the Archaia booth: 2635. Those signing times will be announced by Archaia soon, check their site and or Twitter feed for updates. I'll try and tweet (@mouseguard) any location/signing/info updates as much as I can. At my table I'll be selling Original pages from Mouse Guard, the 2012 bookplate, T-shirts, past prints (buzzard & mouse, Monty Python Spoof, and the Guardmice crossing weapons)...and...

2012 Sketchbooks:
Just like every year, I'll have a new sketchbook that debuts at SDCC. 24 pages of commissions specifically colored for the sketchbook (plus a few odds & ends illustrations). They are a limited printing of 400, signed and numbered, and sell for $20. After I'm home from San Diego, we will make sketchbooks available for online ordering (and don't worry if you are not attending SDCC, I always have over half my print run to offer both online and at future conventions)

SDCC 2012 Print:
As shown above, I've done a new print for SDCC too. The piece is a signed and numbered edition of 300. It's 11" x 11" (like the UK print from earlier this year) and will sell for $20. I don't know how well these will or won't sell because I've never done a limited print for SDCC. If I have any left after the show, I'll offer them for sale online. But there is a chance they will sell out at the convention, so if you can't attend, but know someone going, see if they can pick one up for you.

I'll be on two panels at the convention:

Thursday 5:00-6:00 MTV Geek: Creator Pitch LIVE!— MTV Comics executive editor Tom Akelhosts a live pitch competition between three of the top creators in the business. Just three weeks prior to Comic-Con, creators were each given the same topic, something that's been a hot button issue in the industry in the past year, from which they will draw their inspiration to develop a new comic series. Creators have 10 minutes to present their pitch to the fans. They're be some time for questions, and then the pitches will be put it to a vote that's determined by you! Room 25ABC 

Saturday 6:00-7:00 Archaia: How to Tell a Better Story Through World Building— Are you an aspiring storyteller? Want to know the keys to world building and telling a good story? David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl), and Royden Lepp(Rust), three accomplished storytellers who have published or are publishing books through Archaia, present an informative, entertaining panel to show you how world building can help you write and/or draw a better story. From character development to settings and environment to deciding on the right era, this panel will impart valuable insight into what goes into crafting a better story. Panelists will showcase rarely seen sketch art, concept designs, and models to enhance their presentation. Room 9 

Both should be fun. The Creator Pitch Live blurb doesn't mention it, but my co-panelists will be Marc Silvestri & Kevin Eastman! 

2012 Appearances:
San Diego Comic Con: July 11-15
Baltimore Comic Con: Sept 8-9
New York Comic Con: Oct 11-14
Detroit Fanfare: Oct 26-28
Thought Bubble: Nov 17-18


DPetersen said...

I know this blogpost doesn't say anything about commissions. I'll be tweeting (@mouseguard) more info on commissions @ SDCC later today

DPetersen said...

SDCC commissions: I'll be offering 2 options. Both are first come/first served each day, limited slots open each day. No prelists/no mice-as

First option: My standard fully inked 7" x7" on 12" x12" Bristol. Subjects/detail within reason. $200. Example: http://t.co/Iptk7TI8

2nd option:Watercolor & ink 7"x7" on 12"x12" Bristol. 1 mouse(or subject), wash bckgnd, limited details $120. Examples: http://t.co/BR4xtVws

Lists open every day when doors open to public. Only a few ink slots open each day, more watercolor slots.

don't get on the list, try again the next day. Limit 1 piece per person for SDCC.

Mayhem said...

Very nice indeed :)

Makes me sad I won't be there. Still, it leaves everyone else to make the difficult choice between ink or watercolour, as they are both great!

Brandon Klassen said...

David - can't wait for the new sketchbook, as always! I love your sketchbooks so much :) Every year I have to buy your new sketchbook and also Mike Mignola's new sketchbook :) Will look forward to ordering it from you after SDCC.

Max West said...

That's a neat looking print you've got there. Anyway, good luck at SDCC this year.

Unknown said...

Hello David,

My name is Sean. I have been morning on a book for about 2 years and have never shared my information for fear of it being stolen however after reading your book I see many ways we can join stories I currently have only 200 pages but would love for you to hear the idea and give me your input. I can be reached at Sean.morales1283@gmail.com or by phone at 732-773-8623 thank you David. You indeed have a great talent sir.

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