Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Past Commissions

With new readers & new fans coming to the blog each week, I wanted to share a bunch of my inked 7" x 7" commissions from the past few years. Some of these I've shared before, others I may not have. For those ready to ask, here's the way I handle commissions: I do not have an open list and no not take commission requests by e-mail. I do inked commissions like these in conjunction with conventions only. In the week before a convention, I open up a list in my online store for pickup at the convention.

Bastian the Hunter
Battle Corgis
Frontier Explorer Mice

The Witch from Brave

Cartographer Mouse

Conrad Drinking

Cursed Pirate Girl & Pook

A Royal Ferret Couple

Mouse Naturalist puzzling together a pile of bones

An anthropomorphic Fox in armor

Gonzo & Camilla piece in homage to the Greg Land Birds of Prey #8 cover
Fall 1152 Cover Homage

The Half-Blood Prince, Padfoot, & the Boy Who Lived set against the backdrop of the Maurauder's Map

Mouse Harvest festival

Isabel, a snail,  & lilies of the valley

Israel: Lockhaven Blacksmith


Mouse Knitter

Mouse Library Research

Michelangelo vs Mousers

Mouse, Bat, & Bee

A female spiritualist mouse & a bunny

Axe vs Owl

Mice smoking Pipes

Mouse Portrait painter

Rand & Dandelions

A mouse wedding at a mouse-sized St. Margaret's Chapel in Edinburgh Scotland

Sienna & Bellflowers

Mouse Family on a snail

Stuff of Legend

The Swedish Chef

Tag from Jeremy Bastian's Cursed Pirate Girl


Threshold of Adventure

Apothecary Mouse

Lieam with a flute

2014 Appearances:
MSU Comics Forum: February 22
C2E2: April 25-27
Comicpalooza: May 23-25
Heroes Con: June 20-22
San Diego Comic Con: July 23-27
Boston Comic Con: August 8-10
NY Comic Con: Oct. 9-12


Unknown said...

Excellent work as always and I look forward to saying hello again at New York City Comic Con this year!

I also wanted to pass along some photos of a custom piece of work I had done. I'm an huge gamer and attend tournaments for fighting games such as Marvel vs Capcom and Street fighter. I wanted to incorporate my love of Mouse Guard with my love for video gaming and had a custom arcade stick created (ball top too) with a mouse guard theme.



And this is me with it at a recent tournament this past weekend here in New York.


DPetersen said...

Eric: That looks really great! Thank you for the honor!

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