Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mouse Guard Plush!

Israel Skelton of Skelton Crew Studios and I were chatting after the release of his Chog plush from the comic CHEW. I mentioned how I really liked how that piece turned out and lamented that the plush of Lieam that was released in 2007 from Diamond Select toys was the only one they made before dropping the license. We decided to add new Plush Mouse Guard items to the Skelton Crew line! I worked up the rough sketch to the left to illustrate the proportions and color changes & embroidery changes could easily make most of the Mouse Guard characters.

Tomorrow Skelton Crew will start taking pre-orders for the first two Guardmice in the line: Kenzie & Saxon! I was involved with adjusting photos of prototypes until the manufacturer produced what Issy and I were going for. The two photographed here are physical versions I have in my studio, and a really great and quality pieces. They are 6" from butt to crown of the head. The butt is weighted with beanbag so they want to sit on your shelf, however a doll stand could be used to have them standing in your home display.

This link will have the plush items listed for pre-order tomorrow: http://skeltoncrewstudio.bigcartel.com/category/mouse-guard

And Saxon and Kenzie are only the first two in what should be a great series of plush mice. And we hope to have a prototype ready for production on another two mice in January of next year!


The Skelton Crew mouse-scale weapon replica of Lieam's sword will be availble for pre-order at that same link!!!

It features a 2 tone plating and a thread-wrapped grip.

Pre-order it here:

But wait...there's MORE!?!?!

Israel is also at work on more Mouse Guard items!!

He recently sent me this prototype work-in-progress photo of the head of Gwendolyn's pike axe (which will have a braided wooden handle when completed) The head was sculpted by John Thompson, and will be further worked on by Israel once the first metal casting is made. 

A very difficult and complicated project is still underway: The Baldwin the Brave Marionette! This will be a functional marionette of the title character in the story "Baldwin the Brave" (which is being released in hardcover format November 5th). The original sculpt was something I did to use as reference for drawing the story, but Israel has gone in and added Baldwin's specific details and cleaned up the piece so that it will cast nicely. We are *fingers crossed* looking to a pre-order date in late November on this with units shipping after the new year.

All of these items will be available in the Skelton Crew Online Store along with replicas and items from Locke & Key, Chew, & Hellboy.

2014 Appearances:
NY Comic Con: Oct. 9-12
Lucca Comics & Games (Italy): Oct. 31-Nov. 2

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