Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Recent Toned Commissions

 I've nearly finished up all the toned paper commissions from the March 2021 #ONLINECON. In addition to having so many fans be able to get original artwork from me, I made sure to create a piece for each guest (as noted with *) who came on my twitch stream and helped make the event a success. I streamed drawing almost every one of these on my Twitch Stream.

Donatello: A Ninja Turtle*
for Jesse Glenn

Baldwin the Brave Marionette*
For Kevin McTurk

A Guardmouse

A Guardmouse Archer*
for Steve Hamaker

Usagi Yojimbo*
for Stan Sakai

for John Duncan

General Grievous* 
for Robert Barnes

Captain Balsamic*
for Armand Baltazar

Hardin from The Western Deep*
for Alex Kain

Bear from the Big Blue House*
for Noel Macneal

Piper the Listener*
for Meredith Salenger

Berg from Bitter Root*
for Sanford Greene

A Guardmouse*
for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum

Freckle from Lackadaisy*
for Tracy Butler

Rippley: a Boston Terrier*
for Norman Chan

A Baker Mouse*
for Erin Godbey

The Magical Yet*
for Angela DiTerlizzi

A Mouse Minstrel*
for Very Handsome Billy

Kvido from Mae*
for Gene Ha

A Guardmouse & map*
for Serena Malyon

Rook & the Queen*
for Karl Kerschl

Gonzo dressed as Lancelot

The owl from the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Sprocket from Fraggle Rock

Cerebus the Ardvark

Mocha Money with the Black Axe


Alchemist mouse

TMNT's The Last Ronin

Lockhaven's Apiary Keeper

Sadie: A Guardmouse

Kenzie: A Guardmouse

Delvin: A Guardmouse

A Mouse couple playing Swords & Strongholds

A Guardmouse based on a Jeremy Bastian design

Pet Portrait of a dog that loves to go fishing

Saxon & Kenzie in the woods

Dorothy Gale from Kansas

A fan's OC RPG Guardmouse

A Gundam


Michelangelo a Ninja Turtle

A Rat named Sadie reading a scroll

A Mouse Astronomer

Ms. Brisby

Bilbo Baggins

A beachcomber Guardmouse 

A one-armed Guardmouse

Kate Bush dancing

Bastian: A Guardmouse

A Mouse Cartographer

Fettuccini a good pup

a one-eyed cat pirate

A Guardmouse with a shield


A Mouse Surgeon/Barber

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