Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Recent Toned Commissions

I've finished all the toned paper commissions from ONLINECON 2022. In addition to opening up commissions for sale, I also gifted a piece to every guest who appeared on stream. I streamed drawing most these on my Twitch Stream.

Orren, the 4th Black Axe

A Degu homage to a photographer Grandfather

A Veteran Guardmouse Minder 

Usagi Yojimbo

A Ghost Owl

Pet Portrait of 'Chewy'

Mouse with Owl armor



A Mouse Graduate


Remy of Ratatouille

Master Splinter from TMNT

'Skeptical George' as a Gnome

French Bulldog in armor

Pirate Mouse

Librarian Mouse

Usagi Yojimbo (homage to Albedo #2)

Mouse Brain Surgeon

Happy Usagi Yojimbo

Ming the Merciless

A Mouse named 'Rose'

Mouse Samurai

Mouse Microbiologist

Bagpiper Mouse

Frog Monk Warrior

Mouse Librarian

A Mouse loving reading

Mr. Mole

Mandolin Mouse
For Guest Eoin McCartan

Mr. Bojangles from Kukuburi
For Guest Ramon Perez

Gilbert Luther
For Guest Jeremy Bastian

For Guest Javier Garcia Urena

For Guest Dan Larson

Mushroom Creature
For Guest Iris Compiet

The Wheel is not a Cult
For Guest Will Smith

For Guest Louise Simonson

Thor from Ragnarok
For Guest Walt Simonson

Manu Puppet
For Guest Barnaby Dixon

Lily Pad 7 recruit
For Guest Conor Nolan

A Dragon Monkey
For Guest Dave Stewart

LEGO Mouse Guard Minifig
For Guest Guy Himber

A Gwelf Rabbit
For Guest Larry MacDougall

A Belgian Gnome
For Guest Matt Smith

A Cork (Corgi+Shark)
For Guest Meg's Mashables

A Baryonyx
For Guest Danny Anduza

Roka from Runners
For Guest Sean Wang

Crow from Crow and Weasel
For Guest Tom Pohrt

Basset Hound
For Guest Scott Kurtz

Mouse Carpenter
For Guest Eric Petersen

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