Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Soothsayer Deck of Bone Cards

In the Mouse Guard short story 'King, Knight, Fool, Villain' (which you can watch a reading of here: https://youtu.be/A1lm_necUII) A hermit soothsayer offers to read the fortune of a young mouse using a deck of Bone Cards. I've made the deck a reality that now you can own. Tomorrow in my online store the Soothsayer's Deck of Bone Cards is available for purchase, as is all of the original card art for the deck. http://mouseguard.bigcartel.com/product/soothsayer-s-deck-of-bone-cards

It comes with a reference card that explains the method of fortune telling as well as some suggestions for possible interpretations for each card. The deck comes in a burlap pouch with a stenciled mouse skull and crossbones. Below I'll talk more about the deck.

As you can see in these selected panels from the short story, I had do design a few of the cards just to draw the comic. Obviously the King, Knight, Fool, and Villain cards were necessary, but I also had to design the card backs and a handful of other cards that can be seen in a few panels. I'd drawn about ten of the cards just for the story. In the narration there's a line about a few of the card names, as well as fleshing out that there were 37 in total (a number I chose for no meaningful reason). So, while writing this tale, I made a list of what all 37 cards should be. 

To the left you can see the full set of card designs. After the story was done I drew the rest of cards on my Twitch Stream. The originals are black brush pen on Strathmore bristol, but after I scanned them, I did some Photoshop trickery to make them a rusty sepia tone to match the story art as well as add some effects to make them look like they were block printed. (for more info on that technique, I just modified Texture Labs' YouTube tutorial for Grungy Block Printing Type: https://youtu.be/nRcpoRHTU0U. I was able to upload a few versions of the card back as well, with different printing/wear patterns on each to help add to the block printing authenticity of the deck.

In my online store tomorrow I'll be selling the decks, as well as all of the original card art for the set.

In the drop down option menu, you can order a deck (or multiples) and/or a deck + one of the original pieces of art (you are not limited to only purchasing one original, just every original comes with a deck of the cards). 

'King, Knight, Fool, Villain' is a short that hasn't been published traditionally yet. It will eventually be collected with 'Piper the Listener', 'The Owlhen Caregiver, and 'The Wild Wolf' as well as two new shorts when I write/draw them. But, I did ask voice actor David Sharp to do a reading of the story that is currently up on YouTube. You can watch below.

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