Friday, December 14, 2007

Hanuman Backup Story for Ramayan 3392:
I was asked by Ron Marz a while back if I would be interested in joining Brandon Peterson, Mike Oeming, Jim Sarlin, and Bart Sears in doing a 3 page backup story to appear in Virgin Comics' Ramyann 3392. Each story is designed to tell a bit of background info on one of the main characters and Ron thought I'd be a good match for the monkey-god Hanuman. It was an interesting project because the 3rd page also acts as a variant cover, so the 3rd page had to be drawn first to make it in for previews. Ron said he would draft a script for pages 1 & 2 to lead up to whatever I drew as the splashpage/cover for page 3. I had a fun time working on it and Ron was good to work with. It seems like there is a delay with this issue coming out, but when I get some on-shelf-date info, I'll let you know. Until then, here are my 3 pages sans-text:

2008 Appearances:
The year is winding down, which means it's time to nail down where I'm going next year. So far, this is a tentative list, but here is what I have planned:

Flint Public Library Reading Jan 5th
Mott Community College signing March 4
Flint Institute of the Arts signing/gallery opening March 29
New York Comic con April 18-20
Calgary Comics Expo April 26-27
Motor City Comic Con May
Wizard World Philly May 30-June 1
Wizard World Chicago June 26-29
San Diego Comic Con July 24-27
Gen Con Aug 14-17
Comic Geek Speak Sept 6-7
Baltimore Comic Con: Sept 27-28

Speaking of Cons, Here is a colored con-sketch I never got around to posting with the earlier batch. It's always fun when I get to draw something non-mousey (not that I don't love drawing them)
I think this was done at the Baltimore show (?)
for a fan on the message board.

And Lastly Issue 3 of Mouse Guard is taking longer than I expected, so it will be late (looking at Jan '08). I am very sorry about that, trust me. Here is a preview of what's to come for Celanawe & Lieam in color


C. said...

Hmmm...coincidence that you would post this on Monkey Day or not?

Excellent stuff!

Joanna said...

At this very moment, I happen to be watching the Hellboy movie with the DelToro/Mignola commentary. Seeing your Hellboy pic is a perfect accompaniment. :)

Unknown said...

Good afternoon,

it's unfortunate that issue #3 has to be delayed, but if that keeps the quality level as high as usual (and as it looks from the picture you posted)...take your time, by any means! :-)
Merry XMas!

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