Wednesday, December 5, 2007

-The Mouse Guard PVC figures have arrived!!!

I ran out to my local comic shop (Detroit Comics in Ferndale, MI) and snapped a photo of the trio all boxed up and sitting on the display table. Yay!!! It's very cool to have these guys out in time for Christmas. Word from Diamond is that the Lieam plush will follow 'in a few weeks'. I hope that can be out for Christmas as well. I can't explain how cool/surreal it is to walk into a shop and see figures of your creation...

-2008 Appearances:
I have not posted my full 2008 convention schedule yet, but I plan on nailing it down before the new year arrives. For now thought I wanted to highlight two that are coming up sooner than later and I wanted to get the info out.

-Mouse Guard Reading at the Flint Public Library.
The reading date has been moved again. I'm sorry
about any confusion this may cause, but the reading
is now set to take place Saturday January 5th at 2pm
Two of my close friends (of whom Lieam and Kenzie
are based) will be helping me read a selection of Fall
1152 aloud while the images of the book are projected.

-Mouse Guard Gallery Show
The Flint Institue of the Arts (FIA) has offered to display
original Mouse Guard artwork and asked me to do a slide-
show presentation/Q&A and signing. The gallery opening
and presentation will be Saturday March 29th.

-Death Ray Magazine
A UK Sci-Fi magazine called Death Ray did an interview with me and is now out on newsstands (Issue #8). Big thanks to Clair who did the interview and to Death Ray for the oppertunity to reach a UK audience!!

-Robotika Pin-up

It's time to share some artwork...
I am a fan of Alex Sheikman's Robotika book and was very pleased that he and ASP decided to do a 2nd series of the title. Alex's work on the first book was really cool and well designed, but it has been outdone by the artwok for series 2 (He has sent me page scans and given me an inside view of what's to come). We agreed to do a pin-up exchange. So to help promote that issue 1 of Robotika: For a few Rubles More will be in stores later this month, here is the pin-up I did for Alex. Check out the book and Alex's site and blog!!


Unknown said...

that is one damn cool flying contraption!!

Joanna said...

1. I hope Sadie gets some toy love soon. :( Sure the boys are cool and all but it's SADIE.

2. The Robotika pin-up is sweet!

DPetersen said...

Jason: Thanks! Althouh I can't take full credit. Alex showed me some promo artwork for the 2nd series of Robotika and one had robot fish. I had done a series of sketches of robotic fish in college and loved the idea of drawing one again. Having it bei their 'ride' was courtesy of the Disney movie Atlantis..

Spring: I would certainly hope to see a Sadie, but it's not up to me.
Ideally I'd like to see another PVC 3 set: Celanawe, Midnight, and Sadie. I'd also like to see a resin of sadie in the leaf-boat where the base is made of clear/blue/aqua resin for the water.

Ian! said...

Oh man, now I just want to blow more money on myself, even as Christmas is approaching...

gdeo said...

Hiya David!!!I hope that the holidays are going great for you ! i saw the case of pvc figures as I was making a delivery today..they look cool..cannot wait to pick mine up this weekend!take care my friend

Sparky said...

I, too, would like to see Sadie with the leaf boat. And it should also come with the Sadie Dream House. And an entire wardrobe of capes. And a tiny rhinestone tiara.

Ooh, and a jetpack.

C'mon, she deserves it!

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