Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Julia and I have had a wonderful Christmas. We spent time with family, and did our annual ornament exchange with one another. We both hope that readers of the blog had a great holiday and will continue to over the course of the week leading up to 2008.

For Julia, I continued my tradition of making something as her gift. We needed a hall bench that had to fit some odd requirements (it had to have a narrow projection so that both the front and closet doors could open, it needed storage for gloves and scarves etc, and it needed to be up off the floor enough to not block the heat vent along that wall. Using my Dad's woodshop, I did the construction and assembly, but after a bad polyurithane&stain combo-mix in the 11th hour, my Dad came to the rescue and put in some extra hours after I left to make sure I was giving Julia a gift and not a mess. Thanks for the help Dad!!

Christmas Eve I got a call from Mike Glover at our local ABC affiliate station WXYZ. They had done an interview with me about Mouse Guard a few months ago, and was letting me know that the piece was going to run on the 5pm news (it also was re-run on the 11pm) Today they posted the video on their site, take a look. Thanks to Mike and WXYZ!!

I'm thinking about a new 'feature' for the blog: Mouse Guard fan art. I have recieved a few pieces over this last year, and I think I'll try and make it a point to share one or two per post for a while. To get it started, here is a piece e-mailed to me by Darren C. Ball

Thaks Darren!!

*also note, Ramayan 3392 Reloaded #3 (with my backup story) will be out in stores Jan 2nd...or 3rd depending on how the holiday effects the shipping schedule)


Neil said...

That was a cool news story. What was all of that talk about a movie? Is there something in the works? Anyway, kudos to you. Also, I liked your right hand of doom.

gdeo said...

David....loved the channel 7's wishing you and Julia a wonderful and safe new Year..take care ...i'll talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Well,coincidentally enough , that WXYZ is the ABC we get up here in Nova Scotia and i saw that story..great stuff David!

Mike Cross

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