Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mouse Guard Fan Art

I love that fans are excited enough about Mouse Guard, Legends of the Guard, or the Mouse Guard RPG (and their player-characters) to lend their talents to creating Mouse Guard Fan Artwork! I share this work from time to time on the blog, so here is a fresh batch of work sent directly to me, or pointed out to me online by other fans.

Alexander Schafer

Alexander Schafer

Alison Pinto

Alison Pinto

AMS (?)

Delicut Cakes


Elio Finnocchiaro

Evan Dickson

Gwendolyn (her flowers on the right)

Chris Lopez's tattoo

Ines Korth

Jessica Shibley


Saxon, Lieam, & Kenzie as humans by skoolar


Ewa "truskawka" Onisk

'Putrid Cheese'

Chris Richard

2017 Appearances: 
Baltimore Comic Con: Sept. 22-24

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